Comienzo de la III Semana de la Ciencia

Hoy ha dado comienzo la III Edición de la Semana de la Ciencia organizada en el I.E.S. López de Arenas. Ya han pasado los primeros cursos de nuestro centro y a partir del martes, visitarán nuestra exposición el resto de centros de nuestra localidad.



Material in English For P.E. (Physical Education) II : Volleyball


In our PE classes we have been working with some sports and their basic rules and features.

To start with the materials on these sports , here you have a story about volleyball. In Spanish we say “voleibol”, as a transcription of the way the word volleyball sounds to the Spanish people’s ears. However, the Spanish word for volleyball is “balonvolea”. This is quite similar to the words “fútbol” and “balompié”

Material in English For P.E. (Physical Education) III : Basketball

Hello to all my students!

I am Manuel, your PE teacher.

We have been working with some materials in English in our classes of P.E. and I want all of you to have it available in our school’s website.

To start with, here you have 3.49-minute basketball video.

Sorry for the sound, but this video is quite illustrative and clear.