Our First Harvest!

We have been working hard in our school orchard and we have got the first results, our first harvest.

I admit I am very proud of my students and their work developed there. We have learnt about farming and at the same time, we have had fun.

Besides, the vegetables cultivated are being sold and the money obtained is being donated to AECC, the association that tries to help people suffering from cancer.

I want to thank all the students invoved for your effort and work.


Comienzo de la III Semana de la Ciencia

Hoy ha dado comienzo la III Edición de la Semana de la Ciencia organizada en el I.E.S. López de Arenas. Ya han pasado los primeros cursos de nuestro centro y a partir del martes, visitarán nuestra exposición el resto de centros de nuestra localidad.