Words of Introduction from Jade Takimoto

Castles, tapas, flamenco and churros are reasons enough to attract anyone to the beautiful country that is Spain. For me, my first interest in Spain began when I first visited it as a child, enchanted by its unique culture, incredible history and delicious food.

My name is Jade Takimoto and I have had the privilege of being this years language auxiliar at instituto Lopez de Arenas. Encantada! In the past five months, I’ve assisted both students and teachers of the bilingual program. By preparing visuals and activities, I hope to have enhanced students’ engagement and overall comprehension of the English language. 

Though originally from Sacramento, California, I received my Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Humboldt State University. There is where I developed the skills needed to apply to any classroom setting, but especially abroad. However, nothing could have prepared me for the challenges I have faced of teaching a foreign language in foreign county —but I will save that story for next time. I simply wish to convey my overall excitement and appreciation to be living and teaching in the beautiful region that is Andalucía, and look forward to the rest of this year with the incredibly smart and talented students of Lopez de Arenas. Gracias!