Let me introduce myself.

My name is Philippa and I am the new English language assistant at IES Lopez de Arenas. I am 24 years old and I am from the United Kingdom.

I come from a city in the north of England called York. York is a very beautiful city with a lot of history. It was founded by the Romans and was later lived in by Vikings! If you go to York today you can see the city’s history by looking at the Roman walls that surround the city or at the small, narrow medieval streets in the city centre.

I studied at the University of Sheffield. My degree is called Modern Languages and I studied Spanish, Czech and French. I studied the languages and the cultures of the places where they are spoken. For example, I had subjects about Latin American literature or Czech history.

The city where I studied, Sheffield, is in the same region as York. It is a city with an industrial history. Stainless steel was invented in Sheffield and during the industrial revolution Sheffield was the steel capital of the world. Like a lot of cities in the north of England, Sheffield has a great atmosphere for young people.

In my free time I like to travel, to read, to watch Netflix and to spend time with my friends. I do pilates but I don’t really like sport. Unlike most English people I don’t care about football! I only watch international matches when England are playing and I don’t support any team.

This year is my second one working in Andalusia. Last year I lived and worked in a small town called Huéscar in Granada. I love Andalusia because I love the great weather, the friendly people and the delicious food!

I am very happy to be working here in Marchena this year and I hope to have a great year with you all!