Intercambio con Holanda (2ª parte, visita a Holanda)


It all started in the night of May 17th. Everyone, the 24 of us – 22 students and 2 teachers, got on the bus. When we arrived in Malaga, the teachers had to get a boarding pass for Inés because she was still 15 and it was impossible to get a boarding pass for her beforehand online. Meanwhile everyone went to the toilet but when we were all waiting, Kiko said that he lost his phone. Immediately everybody decided to go to the toilet because we thought that the phone was there. But no, his phone was left on the bus. Immediately we called the bus driver and he said that he couldn’t come back, so Kiko was left without a phone all week. At 6:00 we took the plane to Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We arrived there at 9:00. We went to the School and we were waiting for our exchange students to come with us for breakfast. At 15:00 I went to Mike´s house and I spent time with her parents and her sister. At 20:00 we met in Floor´s house. 

May 18th: The day started when Meike told me that I would spend the day with Clara and Aroa. At 9:30 we arrived at Renske´s house. We waited until Clara and Melle arrived at Renske´s house. At 10.30 we rented an electric bicycle to go to other towns. The first place that we went to was like a zoo where you can give food to alpacas. The next place was to eat strawberries with chocolate and my exchange friend told me that that was very famous in Holland. All people after work go there to eat those delicious strawberries. Then we went to the fair but it was close and our exchange students took us to a restaurant and we ate ice cream. Then we went to Renske´s house again to have lunch and we played a game called Kubb.

May 19th: Me and Meike´s family went to Zaanse Schans, which is the town where they manufacture Zuecos. We got on a boat and then we went to the supermarket to do some shopping. At 20:00 we went to Laura´s house. 

May 20th: On this day all of the students went to a lake and we rode in attractions like roller coasters, slides, swings… And at 20:00 we went to Siegert´s house where his parents prepared us a barbercue.

May 21st: This day started when Meike and I went to Amber´s house to go together to the school. Today we have two classes. The first class I had with Aroa, Clara, Irene and Juan Lucas was geography. The next class that I had was German, with Ana but the teacher let us go. Then we had a tour around Uden, and at 18:00 Julia, Kiko,Clara,Aroa,Alicia,Irene,Laura and I went to ate pancakes. and finally we went to Suze´s house to celebrate Inés’ birthday.

May 22nd: The day started when we took two buses to arrive at the castle. The visit to the castle lasted for 2 hours (in my opinion it was very interesting but sometimes a bit boring at the same time). Then we had lunch in the patio. At 15:15 we arrived in Uden again and  went bowling. At 19:30 we arrived at Renske´s house to enjoy a good time there.

May 23rd: We had a tour to Amsterdam where we visited a place called “This is Holland”. There we experienced a three dimential film about Amsterdam and it was very beautiful. Then we went to the  Madame Tussaud’s of waxworks figures and we saw many famous people and celebrities like Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Bob Marley, Lady D, Trump, Pablo Picasso and others… This was our last night in the Netherlands, so Meike and I stayed at home resting.  

May 24th: At 8:00 Meike went to school and I stayed at home with her mother. 9:30 her mother took me to school to say goodbye to Meike and the rest of the Dutch people. Most of them were crying because we probably wouldn’t see them anymore. So, we arrived at the airport at 11:00. The plane took three hours to arrive at Malaga and we arrived at Marchena at 20:30 and I spent the evening with my family and my friends.

In my opinion, it was an unforgettable experience.

Raúl Giraldo Suárez (alumno de 4º eSO)

Además, os dejamos el diario del viaje de las alumnas Julia Perea Rodríguez, Marina Cañete e Inés Díaz Orellana